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        海外电视剧 告诉我关于黑海的事 第04集


        EmreKabakusakOsmanSinavYusuf?merSinav SinanTuzcu乌拉史·图纳·阿斯蒂帕IremHelvacioglu穆罕默德·阿里·努罗谷?yküGürmanG?zdeKansuNursimDemir萨伊德.格纳伊CemKenarFurkanAksoyNalanKuru?im 海外电视剧 土耳其 2022 查看整部剧情
        In the past, the impossible love of Tahir has been told, with Nefes escaping from the persecution of the man whose money was sold in the past and taking refuge in the Black Sea with his child, and his family's great reaction because he protected him.